Practical Family Law

Practical/family law is not about better efficiency mandates to SFR Legal nor is it a contradiction to our client’s best interests. Legal separation and divorce usually require robust negotiations, but does not have to be adversarial or unnecessarily costly!

If you would prefer to pay us more at the detriment to yourself and your estranged partners financial outcome, you are probably better served elsewhere!

At SFR Legal we want our clients to resolve their matrimonial separation efficiently, ensure the asset division is completed fairly with confidence and access to children (if applicable) clearly documented so non-compliance can be dealt with immediately and effectively.

The aim is to get all vested parties to move on with their lives in the best ways possible under what is typically emotionally and financially draining to them.

We provide clear comprehensive advice and direction so you know exactly what your position is before during and after this extremely difficult time.

Contact us for an obligation and cost-free consultation on how we can help you.

Our Separation Action Plan Includes

An initial confidential consultation where we obtain some details of your relationship and provide you with legal and financial advice tailored to your needs, which may include advice in partnership with our tax, real-estate and financial advice services available as part of the SFR Group:

  • Consequences of separation, including time limitations that apply.
  • Practical things for you to consider on separation.
  • Arrangements for children, ways to minimise the impact of separation on children and to ensure that you have continued and meaningful time with your children post separation.
  • Real-estate advice and sales.
  • Different options available for final and binding agreements dividing property.
  • How assets may be identified and valued and steps that may be taken to protect assets, including for more complex property portfolios.
  • Where assets held in companies or trusts may form part of the property pool available for division between you and your former partner.
  • Documentation that you will need to provide to your former partner and which you will require from your former partner as well as steps that you may take to ensure that this documentation is preserved.
  • Cash-flow analysis before and after separation and divorce.
  • Centrelink assistance available.
  • Tax implications.
  • Superannuation and SMSF considerations.
  • A Settlement Plan tailored to your personal circumstances.

Benefits for you

  • You will be able to discuss with an experienced Adviser your particular circumstances and what is personally important to you out of separation.
  • We will provide you with practical legal and financial advice including options open to you for finally resolving the issues involved, allowing you to plan for your future.
  • Your Settlement Plan will map out a clear plan and projected timetable for resolving your family law issues.
  • Numerous matters including updating estate planning documents that could be voided due to divorce, tax, real estate, Centrelink and post event cash-flows and financial positioning all in-house so that you can move forward with confidence.