Estate Planning Services

*Predetermined fixed price


SFR Legal’s Total Estate PLANNING Service (before you die and have legal capacity)

  • Strategic Consultation to first ascertain what are your estate assets, the desired beneficiaries, discover any threats, complications, competing interests, legislative issues, alternative estate strategies.
  • We than explain the various legal instruments (documents) that are available to implement your desired outcome considering disability or death.
  • Strategic investigation on identifying and managing competing interests.
  • Alternative estate structures and strategies.
  • Preparation, execution and stamping of documentation as appropriate.


SFR Legal’s Total Estate ADMINISTRATION Service (after the testator dies)

Our complete package provides a comprehensive estate administration service. We’ll finalise the estate quickly, effectively and at a fixed price view inclusions.

This package includes:

  • Meeting our experienced team
  • Gathering information about the estate’s assets and liabilities
  • An application for Letters of Administration by a beneficiary
  • Signing and witnessing your application
  • Preparing consent notices, as required
  • Court filing
  • Keeping you informed of the estate administration process
    • Does the estate include real estate?
    • Does the estate have a life interest residual asset?
    • Real estate means any interest in land – e.g. a home or investment property. If you are unsure, ask us to carry out a Landgate check
  • Advertising for creditors
  • Notifying the Australian Taxation Office, applying for a tax file number and completing a straightforward estate tax return *
  • Closing estate bank accounts and Government payments such as Centrelink payments
  • Completing a transmission application
  • Redeeming aged care accommodation bond
  • Claiming superannuation death benefits
  • Paying the estate’s liabilities
  • Verifying the identity of the beneficiaries
  • Arranging interim and final distributions
  • Free financial impact consultation to beneficiaries *

Plus court filing fee $370 and Special Reduced Real Estate Sale Fees if applicable.

*Services provided by our associated firms under the SFR Advisory Group.